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Casino Saga review outdated. New review coming soon.
Some info about CasinoSaga;

The Background story of the CasinoSaga adventure
Over time, the habitants of Saga Islands began to organize the yearly event -- the
"Casino Olympic Games", with the winner receiving a golden crown. Each region in
Saga Islands has its own specific casino game that the local inhabitants are best
known for. The King of Sagaville is the one that holds the record for the number of
competitions won, and this year it is time to have the Casino Olympics in the
beautiful Sagaville. The residents of Saga Islands could not have been happier; they
had the Casino Olympics and that is all they needed.

But then something awful happened. A few days into the games, full of envy and
madness, the evil Betser stole the golden crown and hid it in Treasure Mountain. At
the same time he placed
40 furious Bosses throughout Saga Islands to protect him.

40 Bosses one in each region are spread over the map. The bosses have
taken the favorite games of the people in each region away, and you must beat
them to get the games back! 

Main Goal
There is more to playing games at Casino Saga than just having fun and earning
money. Your must
bring back the crown and unlock its secret winning

When registering at Casino Saga, you get to choose your own personal
from a selection of 10 avatars. Registering and choosing a favorite avatar make you a
“Casino Hero” and then you are then ready to begin their casino adventure on the Saga

Boss games
An added feature that makes Casino Saga unique are the Boss games that you
need to beat before you can move on to the next region. These games give an
additional chance for big winnings in the form of money, free spins, XPs and even
some offline items such as t-shirts or iPads.

Saga Edition games
The Casino Saga Edition games are the casino games that are unlocked one by one as
the player beats bosses throughout their journey. The unlocked Saga Edition games
offer the player more winnings than in other casino sites.

Select machines
Another unique feature of Casino Saga is the option the you got to view the
history of a casino game before you play it. This gives you the opportunity to
select a lucky slot machine based on how well a particular machine has paid
out when others have played it.
When playing at Casino Saga you do not only get bonuses and free spins every now and then
as in other places, CasinoSaga will constantly get nice surprises and rewards. For example, by
playing casino games you will gain Experience measured in
XPs that will be useful
when facing the next Boss. After beating the bosses you will get extra bonuses, free
spins and extra XPs.

Casino Saga has a customer-oriented approach to gaming. They have a support team,
Support Heroes, a group of highly trained individuals who aim to offer the best

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Updated February 2019
The Casino Saga Island