Funfair Casinos Close Down

Funfair Casinos Close down. We recieved the news today Funfair powered casinos are taking a break. This include popular casinos like CasinoFair.

Funfair was launced in 2017 and is a Ethereum based blockchain project. According to CoinMarketCap they do currently have marketcap of over 225 Million Dollars.

Press release is as follows;

FunFair powered casinos are taking a break.

Over the past year, with the Ethereum ecosystem’s success, the network has become much more congested when writing transactions or gaming sessions to the blockchain. 

Unfortunately, this has resulted in Guaranteed Fair gaming sessions becoming impossible to maintain for our players.

As such, we have decided to close our casinos on Friday the 12th of March temporarily.

We are actively researching solutions to the situation and hope to be back with a new range of features and games in our casinos soon. 

This may not be a surpise for some as already in February Funfair announced that they had sold all the FUN tokens to  to

Firstly, we have not sold the company. We have sold FUN tokens to

The company remains committed to developing the plans outlined in the Q1 update—those being Layer 2 tech, the Wallet and Games. We continue to support the casino platform despite the cost of gas. This situation, of course, is unsustainable, and the team are monitoring closely. 

Gas in the Ethereum network is the cost of an transaction. And due to the popularity of ETH lately the gas prices have sky rocketed. 

We will be back with an update later  if the FunFair casinos open up again.

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