UKGC to ban Twitch streamers?

Rumours are out that the UKGC will ban Twitch streamers. Discussions started on Twitter today if the UK Gambling Commission will ban Twitch casino streams. After some tweets by popular casino streamers in the UK like Chipmonkz and Fruity Slots.

Already back in 2018 the UK Gambling Commission was in contact with Twitch after several streamers were playing at unlicensed casinos according to a investigation done by Eurogamer.

Casino Streaming is becoming more and more popular and UK is one of the countries that have many well known streamers, some of the bigger channels include Nick Slots, Rock’n Rolla, The Bandit, Chipmonkz and Fruity Slots.


YouTube safe for Streamers?

Most streamers on Twitch do also broadcast on YouTube. Can you be sure YouTube not will ban the streamers in the future? Absolutely not. YouTube have been removing Gambling Videos in the past. This include our old YouTube channel with over 1000 Slot Videos of demo games which was suspended 4-5 years ago along with many other similar channels at that time. As more streamers move away from Twitch it will put the pressure on YouTube. 


Nothing yet confirmed from UK Gambling Commission

As of now this news can still be considered rumours but  we will follow up this if there is any official information from the UK Gambling Commisssion.


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