Royal Oak and Slot’n Bets added to Blacklist

Royal Oak and Slot’n Bets added to Blacklist (Royal Oak Casino URL: and Slots’n Bets URL: ). These sites claim to have games from NetEnt, Novomatic, Amatic and more. They accept payments in Visa, MasterCard and Crypto-Currencies.



We loaded  “Narcos” from Net Entertainment and see that its hosted on “” . This is not a server from NetEnt but a SlotsnBets’s own server.  NetEnt games are usually hosted on

This is the game Narcos from NetEnt, we see its hosted on SlotsnBets own servers. This game should be hosted on a server by Net Ent.



No company is listed on their website. But the “group” also run other “casinos” including;




There is No mention of any license at their sites at all.



Royal Oak Casino and Slots’n Bet accept players from all countries without any gaming license. They have no company. The games are pirated.  Dont play at these sites!


Royal Oak and Slot’n Bets added to Blacklist

9 thoughts on “Royal Oak and Slot’n Bets added to Blacklist

  1. Mistankenly played at slotsnbets based on reviews I found online (I’m guessing they have planted these reviews themselves) but cant get any response from their customer services re validating my account to withdraw my winnings am I wasting my time persuing this?

    Thank you

    1. Hi, Thanks for the comment. One way is to contact the ones that wrote the review and get help from them to push for the withdrawal. But yes its a chance they put out the review themself or that the ones that did it is in on the scam. A trick can also be that you tell them that you plan to deposit again after you get paid.. this way they may think they can earn more money on you after they pay. But ofcourse if you get paid never deposit anything there again.

      1. Thank you, I’ll try the review sites, it’s on several of them all mention the 5* customer service but they just don’t respond to anything ………..believe me I have tried lol!

    2. I withdrew £500 and recieved it in my bank after four days tried to withdraw another £500 still pending after a week no one replying to my emails

  2. Hey. Thanks for commenting. Cant say anything for sure with casinos like that.. maybe they want you to keep playing and add some bonus funds to your account but its no use playing there.

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